Building tomorrow’s economy

In Montpellier, we promote industry that is a pioneer for new technologies, responsible for the environment, and committed to sustainable employment.

Montpellier’s goals to promote industry

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is renowned for its strong and unique industrial identity, driven by a dynamic and recognized ecosystem. Local industry stands out for its subtle mix of traditional and cutting-edge sectors, offering solutions adapted to the needs of today’s economic world.

Fully aware of the major issues facing our planet, along with economic transformations, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole assists the territory’s companies and stakeholders to help them meet the societal challenges of today and tomorrow. We create favorable conditions supporting an industry that is moving towards global performance at economic, ecological, and social levels for present and future generations. This goal is driven by a collective strategy: Montpellier, Positive Industry

billion euros revenue in NICT industry

(representing 10,000 jobs)

billion euros revenue in Health / Pharmaceutical industry

(50,000 jobs, including 20,000 public)

billion euros revenue in Environment / Energy industry

(7,000 jobs)
Preliminary MMM estimates on major economic sectors in terms of jobs and revenue

The Montpellier Positive Industry approach is based on three founding values that interact in harmony:

Montpellier, l’industrie positive s’articule autour de trois valeurs fondatrices qui interagissent en concomitance.
in new information and communication technologies (NICT) for positive innovation (Montpellier BIC 2nd-ranked incubator worldwide in 2018; leading French Tech Pass territory outside Paris; numerous prizes and awards...).
for providing answers to face the issues and challenges of present and future generations, building a sustainable economy (agroecology and food policy, Milan Pact, Solar Metropolis...)
Montpellier, l’industrie positive s’articule autour de trois valeurs fondatrices qui interagissent en concomitance.
to sustainable job development for positive social impact (PODEM, A Streetcar Named Startup, job fairs, Companies and Neighborhoods Charter...).

Metropolitan Council for Positive Industry

Our positive industry strategy is based on innovation and social responsibility, inviting all economic stakeholders to work together to build a virtuous and positive territory. Starting in September 2019, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is launching the first Metropolitan Positive Industry Council.

This new body brings together industry players, large companies, SMEs, VSEs, startups, and other local stakeholders to reach the Positive Industry goal. Its role is to make recommendations and jointly establish a roadmap for Montpellier Métropole industry policy covering 2020-2040.

The first members of the Council include: Orange, Seclab, EDF, Radio Act and Nétia, UIMM Montpellier, Main Gauche, Cyleone, Bulane, Meliès Business Angels, Hérault Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Equadim, Synia, Méridis group, and IDATE.