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The city of Montpellier taking care of its downtown businesses

Information updated on 26/09/23

On June 26, the city of Montpellier presented the main lines of its strategy being elaborated with retail merchants to strengthen the commercial dynamics of the city center.

Christophe Ruiz © 3M

Montpellier’s downtown area is entering a new phase with a fresh boost to revive local business activity. On June 26, in the Salle Pagézy space in Montpellier, city authorities presented the main lines of a business attractiveness strategy being elaborated with merchants.
The meeting was organized with Alban Zanchiello (deputy mayor in charge of business and tourism), the Hérault Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hérault Chamber of Artisan Businesses, and local merchants. Appointed to work on this project, Lestoux & Associés presented the strategy and recommended the first steps to be taken to meet the challenges facing retailers. 
The demands of new customers have changed dramatically, now with Generation Z digital natives, growing environmental awareness, expectations of an easier purchasing process, and the desire for an exemplary customer experience...

“We need to work together to create clear shopping routes and join forces on eco-responsible retailing, based on a shared vision to promote Montpellier's high standards,” says David Lestoux, director of Lestoux & Associés, an agency specializing in helping to revitalize city centers.

Fifteen initiatives were identified as priorities for action. The list includes renovating retail store fronts, managing the quality and size of terraces in public spaces, improving shopping comfort, creating themed, staged, and lively shopping itineraries, introducing an eco-responsible retail charter and a town center brand, rolling out a communications plan, and rethinking business opening hours.
While these measures are likely to help stimulate retail activity in the historic city center, the new strategy is also based on providing clearer signage, improving accessibility through various transport options, and continuing the city’s policy of renovating existing housing.

“Downtown Montpellier must be “Instagrammable”. Communication must be led by customers themselves,” adds David Lestoux.
The ultimate objective is to increase retail activity by boosting foot traffic in the city center and helping to beautify the area.

Retailers have everything to gain from being part of a comprehensive territorial marketing strategy.

This is why the city of Montpellier launched a commercial attractiveness strategy, for which a steering committee will be set up by the end of July.

“It's now up to us, as a group, to bring our proposals to life. Our strategy will be based on what we can set up together,” concludes Alban Zanchiello.