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Fraichy, your online shopping at Montpellier food shops

Information updated on 14/12/21

Starting in mid-November, three student-entrepreneurs are launching Fraichy, an online store that unites Montpellier food businesses. Get everything you need to buy online, with delivery at your home or office.

Fraichy, vos courses en ligne auprès de commerces de bouche montpelliérains

Tom Vea (left), Gabriel Nuel (3rd from left), and Thibaud Audry, founders and directors of Fraichy, with a Montpellier merchant and deliverer.

Local startup Fraichy has invented an online food delivery service for busy food-lovers in Montpellier. Starting in mid-November, customers will be able to use a web platform to order meat, fish, cheese, wine, fine foods, fruit, vegetables, and bread from Montpellier stores and get delivery at their home or office.

Several criteria are used to select merchants, notably the quality and origin of their products, customer reviews, and their desire to promote artisan production,” says Tom Vea, co-director of the company.

The main purpose is to create an online market by grouping together small independent food shops, located throughout the Ecusson, Boutonnet, Beaux Arts, Aubes, Arceaux, Gambetta, Figuerolles, Port-Marianne, and Pompignane districts. The shops all benefit from their own sales space on the website, featuring their address, relevant information, and product catalog. The web platform takes care of payment aspects. All merchants have to do is print their receipts and prepare baskets.

Business angel

Delivery is handled by local cargo-bikes, which can carry up to 100 kg of products from a maximum of 7 stores for any given order, within 2 hours or 5 days depending on the situation. Other benefits include the fact that online prices are the same as those actually found in the physical shops, without any extra cost for merchants. The moderate delivery fee is paid by customers, according to Tom Vea.

The new service was launched by three recent Master’s graduates from Montpellier, all with degrees in entrepreneurship from the Montpellier Management Institute (University of Montpellier).  As student-entrepreneurs assisted by Pepite-LR, they benefited from pre-incubation at Montpellier BIC starting in June, and received their first financial backing from a business angel and a crowdfunding campaign. That’s just what Fraichy needed to launch its service for individuals and businesses.
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