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Revinax, a world-first at Montpellier CHU

Information updated on 14/12/21

Revinax assisted surgery using virtual reality at the Montpellier University Hospital Center. The Cap Omega-based startup, founded in 2015, illustrates e-health momentum in the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole area.

Maxime Ros, neurochirurgien au CHU du Montpellier et l'équipe de Revinax @Edouard Hannoteaux)

Maxime Ros, neurosurgeon at Montpellier CHU, with Revinax team (@Edouard Hannoteaux)

A world-first event took place in November 2017 in the Gui-de-Chauliac operating room at the Montpellier University Hospital Center (CHU): a neurosurgeon wearing a virtual reality headset verified his moves via an immersive tutorial created by the startup, Revinax, based on a similar operation filmed and enhanced in 3D. The method was developed by Montpellier neurosurgeon Maxime Ros, who has dedicated all his effort to the startup company founded in late 2015, with headquarters at the Cap Omega incubator.

"Our value is based 180° videos taken from the expert's point of view." He shared his expertise with France's Secretary of State in charge of Digital Affairs, Mounir Mahjoubi, and the Vice-president of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, Chantal Marion, at a round table event for local startups in healthtech, e-health, and biotech fields. "An excellent initiative," exclaims Maxime Ros.

Focusing on business development and sales

Revinax also targets the industrial sector. "We are working to archive human knowledge in order to share technical gestures on a large scale." Revinax made contact with GRDF thanks to Montpellier's Big Up 4 Start-Up event. The company, which also works with Orange, was selected by the European Space Agency's ESA BIC Sud France incubator in late 2017. Diversification had been tested in early 2017 at CES Las Vegas. Revinax returned to Las Vegas again this year to launch its platform of virtual reality tutorials at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show. "Four of us are going to CES, where we will focus on business development and sales."

Revinax raised funds to support its development, notably with the French Tech Bourse, 400,000€ from business angels, and 180,000€ in loans from Crealia, Bpifrance, and Banque Populaire du Sud. The company recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Wiseed. The goal is to accelerate growth and reinforce the Revinax team: "Ten of us are now working on the project. We expect to hire five more people soon," adds Maxime Ros.

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