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IDATE DigiWorld reinforces its presence in Montpellier and internationally

Information updated on 08/11/22

Following the success of the DigiWorld Spring Session from May 31 to June 1 at Domaine de Verchant, Europe’s leading think-tank in the digital sector held its first conference in Africa, DigiWorld4Africa, on June 22 in Fez, Morocco.

Jacques Moulin, IDATE ©IDATE

Jacques Moulin, IDATE @IDATE

The event was attended by a Montpellier Métropole delegation and several startups. Based in Montpellier for the past 40 years, IDATE DigiWorld shows its international ambitions clearly.

The first DigiWorld Spring Session in Montpellier brought together 300 participants on the theme of Homo Digitalis, focusing on inclusion in a digital world, the home of the future, cyber-security, and data protection,” exclaims Jacques Moulin at the end of his first year as managing director of IDATE DigiWorld.

Located in Montpellier since 1977, the European think-tank is also a worldwide observatory for the market and digital innovation, and a consultancy. IDATE members and partners include telecom operators, industry groups and service providers, institutions such as Montpellier Métropole, and startups such as Seclab and Matooma.

In 2018, DigiWorld Summit’s 40th edition is unfolding in three phases: first, DigiWorld Spring Session in Montpellier on May 31 and June 1; then DigiWorld4Africa conference on June 22 in Fez, Morocco – which was attended by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole vice-president Chantal Marion and several Montpellier startups; and lastly, a day entirely in English focusing on the concept of “phygital” (the combination of physical and digital aspects) in Paris on November 28. 

We are reinforcing our territorial foothold in Montpellier, with its very active digital ecosystem, while presenting a French and European perspective,” comments Jacques Moulin.

IDATE DigiWorld has offices in Paris, London, and Brussels.

There are about fifty of us now, and we would like to grow to more than sixty. Our goals at this point are decidedly international,” adds Jacques Moulin. Fez, which is a sister-city of Montpellier, demonstrates IDATE’s expansion into Africa. IDATE DigiWorld established a partnership with the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez and is undertaking an increasing number of consulting missions, for example concerning digital planning in Fez, Marrakesh, and Agadir. “We are creating a club in Rabat in late 2018 and we are also strengthening our presence in Sub-Saharan Africa,” concludes Jacques Moulin. “Digital activities do not have borders. In 2019, we will create a club in the Middle East and a relay in China.