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e-DENTECH introduces teledentistry for oral consultations

Information updated on 14/12/21

The Montpellier startup e-DENTECH has developed a teledentistry solution for remote oral consultations. Approved after experimentation at Montpellier CHU, the solution is now available for the social-medical sector. A fine example of telemedicine.

E-DENTECH©Edouard Hannoteaux

e-DENTECH ©Edouard Hannoteaux

It is now possible to get a dental checkup without having to go to the dentist’s office, thanks to Montpellier’s young startup e-DENTECH, founded in 2015. The company’s solution combines an in-mouth camera with expert consultation software. The creator of the innovation is Nicolas Giraudeau, research-professor at the Montpellier CHU university hospital Dental Care, Teaching, and Research Center, and author of a law thesis on telemedicine.

“The solution gives many people easier access to care, such as elderly people in retirement homes, sick or handicapped people, people in prison, and more,” he argues.

The company trains nurses and aids in medical-social establishments to use the solution with residents. The partially automated procedure takes about 20 minutes, producing a complete report based on remote diagnosis by dental surgeons.

“We have the only complete solution that has been scientifically validated and already implemented successfully in France,” says Roland Petcu, Director of Operations.

Already 80 client establishments

The Montpellier CHU has been testing the solution at 16 medical-social or penitentiary establishments since late 2013, with approval from the Occitanie Regional Health Agency.

We have performed over 3,000 consultations since the beginning,” adds Roland Petcu, who has been driving the company’s evangelism effort diligently.

The Alzheimer clinic, Les Jardins de Sophia in Castelnau le Lez, was the first paying client outside the initial trials. In 2017, the startup worked with the Unapei association to deploy the solution over three years in 40 establishments for handicapped people in three regions in France. In late 2018, about 80 establishments were working with the Montpellier company.

“As part of the Health and Digital sector, e-DENTECH has been assisted by Montpellier BIC since before its launch in 2015, through 2018. Our team of two employees set up their offices in the French Tech Building.”

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