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“Expanding the field of opportunities by signing the Companies & Neighborhoods Charter”

Information updated on 13/09/22

BTP Hérault, an employer association that promotes inclusion and qualification in public works, seeks to develop other actions in priority neighborhoods to encourage emulation among its members.

Sarah Sanchez, directrice du Geiq BTP Hérault. ©Edouard Hannoteaux

Sarah Sanchez, Director of Geiq BTP Hérault ©Edouard Hannoteaux

Since it was founded in 1997, Geic BTP Hérault has produced strong results, with some 850 people in difficult situations trained and hired in the building sector, with a long-term employment rate of 70%. “Geic” is a French concept for creating employer groups to promote inclusion via qualification.

This tool emerged from an initiative launched by 32 companies in the public works sector, faced with unmet needs for labor. They chose to focus on the potential of untrained young people, long-term unemployed people, and recipients of social welfare aid,” reminds Sarah Sanchez, Director of the employer association.

Geic BTP Hérault has working with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole for many years on the issue of priority neighborhoods and social inclusion clauses in contracts.

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole has created a constructive context for cooperation between the various stakeholders involved with social inclusion, with a demanding level of quality regarding actions that matches our concerns.

Priority neighborhoods

Signing the Companies & Neighborhoods Charter, a symbol of support for priority neighborhoods, was an obvious choice for Geic BTP Hérault.

Located in Montpellier’s La Mosson district, in Montpellier’s reduced tax zone, we already participate in all inclusion committees set up in priority neighborhoods.” 40-60% of the employees on vocational contracts are from those areas, “compared to the national average of 10%.

It’s a small structure (with just four employees), but big ambitions. Geic BTP Hérault encourages its member companies to sign the Charter, which seeks to initiate innovative actions to promote economic, social, and cultural development in priority districts, including accepting interns, speaking at local middle schools to present various vocations, organizing site visits, and more.

In short: “Everything that can help open the minds of young people and open their horizons,” highlights Sarah Sanchez. “Even if the goal is to help people become employed, the Charter above all focuses on a voluntary and creativity-based approach helping to expand the field of opportunities.

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