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Montpellier Capital Risque, the funding event for young startups

Information updated on 14/12/21

At least 17 startup directors made their pitches on May 24 at Montpellier Capital Risque, held at the Cap Omega incubator. The event provided an opportunity for local startups to contact nearly 60 investors.

7 minutes chrono : c’est le temps dévolu à chaque créateur des jeunes entreprises innovantes sélectionnées (ici le fondateur de La Cuisine de Véro) pour capter l’attention des investisseurs ©David Richard
For its 16th edition, the Montpellier Capital Risque venture capital event joined forces with France Digitale Tour and BigUp For Startup on May 23 and 24 to mobilize even more people around funding for innovation. “Innovation is our DNA. We are here to help entrepreneurs raise funds. An essential and federating event, Montpellier Capital Risque is also very efficient,” confirms Gérard Lannelongue, Montpellier Métropole industry advisor, in his opening comments at the event on Thursday, May 23. The proof is in the numbers: Startups at the past five editions of Montpellier Capital Risque have raised about 52 million euros.

The event’s first highlight was the opening roundtable entitled, “What if we stopped associating a company’s value with its fund raising?” Investors and successful entrepreneurs shared their experience and advice honestly and openly. Claudia Zimmer, co-founder of Aquafadas and Cyme, took down “fairytales” and praised slowness, while Loïc Soubeyrand, founder of Teads and LunchR, insisted: “Raising funds is not the end-goal. The important thing is to keep control over your destiny.” From their perspective, investors mentioned “cash”: “A venture capitalist expects at least a five-fold return on investment,” warns Christophe Raynaud, General Director of ISAI Gestion, while also offering words of encouragement: “We see a massive influx of capital and talent. I find that the second generation of entrepreneurs is both more ambitious and more professional. Above all, we look for a ‘fair’ deal. Valuation that is too high would not, in truth, be good news for the director,” says Véronique Jacq, Director of the Digital Investment Department at Bpifrance’s F3A Ambition Seed Angels Fund.

88 meetings with investment funds and business angels

Another high point on Friday was the morning pitch session followed by a series of individual meetings with dozens of regional and national investors. Coached ahead of time by the In Extenso Innovation Growth agency and the Montpellier BIC team, directors from 17 high-potential startups selected from among 60 potential candidates ran through the 7-minute exercise.
One after the other, they described their search for funds ranging from €200,000 to €3 million. And it was worth their effort: 88 meetings were scheduled by investors at the event. Other, less formal, meetings were held during the lunchtime networking reception. Now it’s up to the startups to transform interest into investment.

The following 17 companies were selected: Axeptio, Allpriv, Browse and Go, Clan of the Cloud, Daneel, Easypicky,, Epur, Fruition Sciences, Keetiz, K-Invent, La Cuisine de Véro, LK-Spatialist, MagicPallet, Main Gauche, Moonify, and Pepsia.


Young startups looking to raise funds

We released our mobile application three months ago. We have funded our own activity up to this point. We would now like to raise €600,000 to speed up our growth, in particular to hire developers and two new sales representatives. I had 11 face-to-face meetings with investors and business angels at Montpellier Capital Risque. It was a marathon until 6:00 PM. I already have upcoming appointments in Paris.” Joseph Bedminster, CEO of Daneel, a Montpellier startup with 6 employees. Specializing in information on the blockchain and crypto currency, the company was founded in May 2018.

I am looking for a first round of funding for €200,000 to accelerate our sales growth in France and to support our web marketing strategy. Our goal is to become the leading vacation and leisure provider in France, then internationally, for people with dogs.” Sophie Morche, founder of the Emmè (“bring your dog”) website. Founded in 2017, the company has been assisted by Montpellier BIC since April 2019.

We are finalizing a first round of funding for €500,000 and are seeking an additional €2 million. We give consumers a chance to take back control over their food products. Our kitchen will produce 300,000 meals in 2019... 20,000 healthy cooking boxes delivered to customers.” Arthur Capon, CEO of La cuisine de Véro, launched in March 2017, now with 15 employees.

We need to move quickly and Montpellier Capital Risque is a great opportunity. It is the starting point for our search for €2 million in funding.” Pierre-Edouard Robert, CEO of Magic Pallet, platform launched in January 2019 enabling truck operators to exchange pallets. Founded in October 2017, the 3-person startup has been incubated by Montpellier BIC since July 2018.

For our first round of funding, we are seeking €1 million to organize the company and ramp-up our operations. We have already raised €400,000,” adds Romain Bessuges-Meusy, co-founder of Axeptio, creator of a “consent as a service platform” launched in January 2019. Founded in 2016, the Montpellier startup is incubated at Cap Omega with its 7 employees.

Investors in search of rising stars

Three people from our firm came to Montpellier Capital Risque to attend at least a dozen meetings. We had already identified some startups. The event gave us a clear understanding of their potential.” Marie-Sophie Redon, Innovation Team Business Manager at Irdi Soridec Gestion.

We are involved with BtoB and digital activities, in the range of €1 million to €5 million. Even if we focus mainly on startups that have some experience, we try to meet them as early as possible. I requested four meetings at Montpellier Capital Risque. In addition, the presentation book given to investors is a great tool.” François Santi, Associate at Cap Horn Invest.

I went to Montpellier Capital Risque personally for the first time, but Alto Invest has participated for the past several years, notably to identify and take note of certain startups for our files. I particularly appreciate business models with recurring revenue. The event is also a good showcase for regional trends.” Franck Halley, Associate Director at Alto Invest. The fund participates in three strong Hérault-based SMEs and BIC alumni: Osmozis, Bio IV, and OCEASOFT.

I enjoy attending Montpellier Capital Risque. This is my sixth or seventh time, as the content is always of very high quality. There are many great companies. I requested to meet eight of them.” Charles-Antoine Morand, from Karot Capital, an early stage investor based in Paris.

Montpellier Capital Risque is co-organized by Montpellier BIC and Bpifrance.
Montpellier Capital Risque partners: Irdi-Soridec and Sofilaro investment funds, the MELIES business angel network, Digital 113 digital cluster, Hérault Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ad’Occ regional economic development agency, competitiveness clusters, and the WeSprint and Maddyness accelerators.

Two Montpellier startups helped optimize organization for the event: Plussh, which filmed the presentation; and Numevent, which provided a mobile application for the event that was downloaded by all participants. In partnership with Maddyness.
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