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Two years after launching Stellina, Vaonis announces its latest product

Information updated on 23/11/20

Montpellier startup Vaonis launches a mini version of its Stellina solution, which overturned traditional astronomy codes when it was created in 2018. Details and naming for the new product were revealed on launch day, October 1 2020.

Since the onset of the health crisis that has shaken the entire world, sales of astronomy instruments have never been stronger. And for good reason! Requirements to stay at home and limitations on travel, coupled with a desire for the countryside and getting back to nature, people need to escape now more than ever...safely. Where is their new playing field? The starry skies. A French startup specialized in manufacturing astronomy instruments, Vaonis has observed that the number of uses, shared photos, and orders has more than doubled since the beginning of confinement.

The young gem in Montpellier’s startup community, seeking to revolutionize the world of astronomy by making it accessible to all, now announces the creation of its second product – a smaller version of its Stellina smart telescope designed for an even broader target audience.

“Stellina, our first revolution, met with worldwide success as soon as it was launched. This year, we are placing all the technology embedded in Stellina within everyone’s reach with our new product,” explains Cyril Dupuy, founder of Vaonis.

Weighing less than 5 kg, Stellina’s younger sibling will cost “less than an iPhone.” The new product represents a technical and industrial feat given its technology that combines optics, electronics, high-precision mechanics, and the market’s most cutting-edge embedded intelligence. While Stellina will hold its position as an offering for the high-end segment, Vespera targets a much broader audience. Small but powerful, the smaller telescope is designed for all astronomy fans, notably thanks to its ease-of-use and companion mobile application. With setup that takes just a few minutes, users can observe galaxies and nebulae hidden in the night sky and easily share their photos on social networks. Not only is it the smallest smart telescope in the world, but the new Vespera is the only instrument that offers a shared and interactive experience of the stars, while respecting all precautions imposed by the Covid epidemic by enabling observation on the user’s smartphone.

To fund the production line for its new creation, Vaonis decided to take advantage of the renowned KickStarter crowdfunding platform. Pre-orders began on October 1, 2020, in Europe and North America, the company’s main market. Delivery is planned for around Christmas time next year.

To celebrate its KickStarter launch, Vaonis will work with the many influencers who have supported the startup since the beginning. The company will also present its collaboration with the famous American astronauts Scott Kelly and Terry Virts.

About Vaonis

Founded in Montpellier in 2016 by Cyril Dupuy, with assistance from Montpellier BIC, Vaonis comprises a team of about 15 astronomy, photography, and technology buffs. With a desire to share their passion for the stars with everyone, they created Stellina together, the first observation station capable of photographing remote objects in the universe so easily. By bringing a disruption to the amateur astronomy world, the product has received several awards, notably the CES Innovation Award in 2018 and Red Dot Design Award in 2019.
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