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Ventum Biotech, anti-Covid disinfection

Information updated on 08/11/22

Founded in August 2019, the startup has undergone exponential growth since the health crisis began, in France and internationally, thanks to its innovative bactericide and virucide product.

Ventum Biotech, la désinfection anti-Covid

Ventum Biotech, anti-Covid disinfection

The right product at the right time. Founded in 2019 by Loufti Kachou and Gina Bandar, Ventum Biotech developed a decontamination solution with a bactericide and virucide, which found its market quite rapidly. Named One-Touch™, the product comprises peracetic acid, an oxidant resulting from the chemical reaction of acetic acid (vinegar) and hydrogen peroxide, whose disinfecting properties are well known. However, instability is a major drawback for that compound.
Ventum Biotech found a way to overcome the problem by confining the peracetic acid in order to obtain a pressurized spray. “It took us five years to develop our technology,” highlights Gina Bandar. Testing was carried out in partnership with Institut Curie in Paris, Bordeaux University Hospital, and CEA in Grenoble.

An agile company

Incubated at Montpellier BIC since April 2018, the company originally planned on targeting the medical sector, specifically focusing on facilities in sterile environments such as operating rooms, clean rooms, and laboratories. That was their thinking before the health crisis, which began two months after they launched sales. At first, it was not good news.

“With Covid-19, hospitals were completely overwhelmed, and laboratories were closed. One of our advantages as a startup is that we were able to adapt our solution quickly to all sectors that had disinfection needs,” remembers the company’s CEO.

Ventum Biotech adapted its product line to meet the needs of its different customers: health sector, hotels, public transportation, private transportation, work spaces, and public places such as offices, universities, schools, and more. Clearly that was the right idea. Today, the company’s products are used by many large customers, including SNCF, Corsica Linea, and Kempinski Hotels, as well as fire and rescue departments and ambulance companies.

Recruitment in progress

Ventum Biotech is in the process of hiring five to eleven people to handle its growth. The company opened an office in the United States, where sales continue to rise, and they are considering creating a manufacturing center in the Montpellier Métropole area. “In any case, our headquarters will stay in Montpellier,” says Gina Bandar, who praises the assistance her company receives from Montpellier BIC and the Economic Development Department at Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole.

“They introduced us to the right people. Thanks to their help, we met Sofilaro, with whom we were able to raise funds. They basically helped us grow faster,” she concludes.