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  1. Merchants and small businesses, speed up your company’s ecological transition!

    Merchants, restaurant and coffee shop owners, tourism professionals, and small business managers, would you like to improve your thermal insulation, optimize waste sorting, save water, and reduce y...

  2. Congres berlioz 2019 Ⓒ Le Mas Média

    Stakeholders in the greater Montpellier area are united in their support for business tourism

    Montpellier Métropole, Montpellier Events, and the Convention Bureau are joining forces to support conference organization within the metropolitan territory. Here’s a look at the measures being imp...

  3. Atelier œnotourisme - Rieucoulon ©Maugendre David

    Application filed for “Vignobles & Découvertes” wine tourism label

    The process launched in 2021 by Montpellier Métropole has already reached its first objective: to spark dynamics between wine professionals, winemakers, and oenotourism players. Here are some testi...

  4. ateliers contemporains

    Montpellier Métropole, a place for contemporary creation

    Local creativity was illustrated by a first day of discussions between cultural stakeholders and tourism professionals on June 10 in Montpellier. Here is a report from the event.

  5. La Métropole de Montpellier, une terre de vins à découvrir sans modération

    Montpellier Métropole, wine country to discover without moderation

    Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is launching a massive study to promote its heritage and wine tourism, with the participation of local stakeholders.

  6. Les 3 Graces ©Montpellier3M

    “Grands Sites Occitanie” certification offers a fine showcase for the metropolitan area

    Montpellier Métropole focuses on sustainable tourism with a wide range of attractions ranging from cultural and seaside offerings to natural spaces and historical heritage. Recognized as a destinat...

  7. Office de tourisme métropolitain

    Four more certified “tourist cities” for the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole area

    This summer, Lattes, Pérols, Saint Jean de Védas, and Villeneuve lès Maguelone were officially classified as “tourism cities”, joining Montpellier. With Montpellier Métropole, they are seeking to r...

  8. Photo d’inauguration à Montréal de la chaire internationale sur les usages et pratiques de la ville intelligente

    Uses for the smart city being studied in-depth by Montpellier researchers

    Inaugurated in May, the international chair on uses and practices for the smart city brings together researchers from Montpellier and Montreal universities. Montpellier Métropole is one of the expe...

  9. commerces Montpellier @M3M

    Montpellier: actions to revitalize the downtown area

    Boosting activity in downtown Montpellier is a priority for the City of Montpellier and Montpellier Métropole, with the Hérault consular chambers and all local businesses. Together, they sent an am...

  10. La Métropole est une destination privilégiée du tourisme


    Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cévennes mountains, and benefiting from rich historical heritage, Montpellier Métropole is a prime tourist destination.