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Eureka Participative Conciergerie, services guided by values

Information updated on 20/10/22

Introducing a space for exchange, information, and sharing, all of which create ties. Located in Montpellier’s Eureka eco-district since late 2021, this third space offers companies and employees services founded on sustainable development principles.

Francesca Boniotti Ⓒ A.Viste
Sustainable development is one example. Located in Montpellier’s Eureka eco-district since December 2021, the Eureka Participatory Concierge Service offers companies and their employees services that, while meeting people’s needs, also enable them to become active participants in the social and ecological transition in their workplace.
Mandated by the urban planning department SERM-SA3M, it is also a space for exchange, information, and sharing to create ties between companies. 

"More than 250 companies, including startups hosted at Montpellier BIC and MIBI, are located in our eco-district. Our role is to help bring them together to explore new uses in the business world. Our third space is an experimental laboratory built on the values of solidarity, inclusiveness, and co-construction,” explains Francesca Boniotti, project manager.

Goals include promoting local and responsible sourcing, investing in refurbished equipment, giving a second life to equipment, repairing broken equipment, and promoting well-being and professional development. With the support of Récipro-Cité, the Eureka Participatory Concierge Service has developed a network of partners involved with the social and solidarity economy, with which it works closely.
The Participatory Concierge Service has established close ties with Labsud, La Ruche, Crealead, Aromandise, Artyzen, Botanique et Vieilles Dentelles, Envie Montpellier, IMEIF, LoopEat, Le Vieux Biclou, and Retouch’UP... as well as EIO and Le Petit Circuit. Additionally, the third space also works with a legal mediator to help companies and employees resolve their legal problems.
Its offering is therefore extremely comprehensive, from a zero-waste drive-through grocery store and anti-waste fruit and vegetable baskets to a direct-service florist, independent bookstore, yoga and relaxation classes, and more. Workshops on corporate social responsibility (CSR), quality of life at the workplace (QWL), and human resources are also organized.

“Each workshop features an industry expert and an entrepreneur who share their experience,” says Francesca Boniotti. She concludes: “Our goal is to show how to entrepreneurship can be pursued differently.”

In any case, the Participative Conciergerie provides resources to make it happen.