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My Shared Studio is running its crowdfunding campaign

Information updated on 13/12/21

My Shared Studio, a Montpellier startup that develops a collaboration-based audio platform, has launched its crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter.

Support the My Shared Studio crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter!

My Shared Studio is running its crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter until December 15, 2021. Incubated at Montpellier BIC, the startup has created a collaboration-based platform for audio production, enabling all musicians to collaborate remotely in real-time.

Our My Shared Studio campaign will only succeed with your support!

The My Shared Studio story…

My Shared Studio emerged from an observation made by a huge majority of musicians: the distance between band members is often a barrier to creativity.

As experienced musicians, co-founders Edouard Lauret and Baptiste Janvore used to participate in musical games known as prodgames, a kind of “exquisite corpse” (cadavre exquis) method for music.
Facing challenges sending files and other technical inconveniences that are common to this sort of exercise, Edouard decided to create an application for composing music using a shared online sequencer in real-time. Baptiste took charge of thinking about the interface and user experience.
  • In late 2017, the first lines of code and initial mock-ups for a shared sequencer were revealed.
  • In 2020, the team created the company My Shared Studio SAS to develop and market its solution.
  • In May 2021, Gilles Scotto di Carlo joined the team to take charge of business development, set up partnerships, and start looking for funding.

Why does My Shared Studio need you?

Crowdfunding will enable My Shared Studio to integrate its solution directly into the leading Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) applications used by professionals, amateurs, and sound engineers.

The main tools used by musicians include Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro, and ProTools, just to name some of the most well-known. Pro tools®, Live®, Logic Pro®, FL Studio® and their logos are brands respectively owned by Avid Inc., Ableton Inc., Apple Inc., Image Line Software NV, in the United States and other countries.
My Shared Studio benefits from support by several partners: in Montpellier by the IONIS361 incubator and Montpellier BIC; and more recently, in Canada, by the REVERB program, a startup accelerator for Music Tech startups in Calgary.

Many thanks to all KickStarter contributors for My Shared Studio!

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To find out everything you need to know (in French) about the KickStarter campaign for My Shared Studio, click HERE

Powered by My Shared Studio!

The musical composition for our KickStarter presentation video was created entirely by six musicians working remotely with My Shared Studio, with two of them recording from Reunion Island!


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