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A new “Rakuten Crimson House” opens in Montpellier

Information updated on 20/06/18

Having recently moved to the Parc Club du Millénaire in Montpellier, the expert in digital creation Rakuten Aquafadas stands out thanks to its teams’ skills, earning the honorary title “Rakuten Crimson House Montpellier” in early March. This recognition is reserved for a select few sites of the Japanese Rakuten Group, which has included Rakuten Aquafadas since 2012.

Only a small handful of sites of the Japanese Rakuten Group around the world have the honor of bearing the “Rakuten Crimson House” title, notably Tokyo, Singapore, and San Mateo (California). The Montpellier team, which relocated to its new facilities in the Parc Club du Millénaire business park, earned the distinction in early March 2018. Montpellier Métropole BIC director Isabelle Prévot and the president of the cluster Pierre Deniset participated in the naming ceremony for the company’s open and creativity-inspiring work space. “We will organize an official inauguration event in late June with about 100 guests, including people from the Rakuten Group,” adds Katia Malnati, communication and event manager.
Founded in Montpellier in 2006, the company benefited from Montpellier BIC assistance in its early days at the Cap Omega incubator, then at the MIBI international business center. First joining Rakuten in 2012, the company has been a major subsidiary of the Rakuten Group for the past year. Rakuten Aquafadas is now the largest research and development center for Rakuten Europe. Rakuten Aquafadas has a staff of 65 employees, with 60 people in Montpellier and 5 in Paris. The company’s business is to develop professional sales, communication, digital publishing, and e-learning applications. Its customers include the market’s leading consulting, recruitment, and industrial companies, such as Deloitte, PwC, Adecco, Saint-Gobain Isover, and more. Rakuten Aquafadas recently developed an application, launched in February for the Montpellier-based company Orion Santé, for trainers and professionals in the health field. Since January 2018, the Montpellier facility has been led by Oliver Alluis, its Director of Operations, and Florian Lemoine, technical director, working in close collaboration with Japanese technical teams in the “Rakuten App Studio.”
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