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  1. Les Challenges 2019 de Viva Tech

    Viva Technology 2019

    Candidates for #VivaTech Challenge now welcome to apply! Just like Numevent and Wemap, welcomed by AccorHotels in 2018, present yourself to a large company and win your booth at Viva Tech.

  2. Nawal Ouzren, directrice générale de Sensorion

    Meeting our success stories / Interview with Nawal Ouzren, general manager of Sensorion

    “It is essential to have the right support from the start”

  3. Pascal Peny, directeur du service Partenariats à Montpellier SupAgro et référent du réseau thématique #FoodTech Montpellier

    #FoodTech Montpellier innovates from the field to your plate

    Montpellier startups united under the #FoodTech and #AgTech banners are creating tomorrow’s farming and food. These two French Tech thematic networks bring Montpellier Métropole to the forefront of...

  4. Montpellier, a land of innovation and performance

    Montpellier, a land of innovation and performance

  5. Palmarès 2018 du challenge Innov'Agro

    Winners of the 2018 Innov’Agro Challenge

    Students invent new services for farming based on digital tools. The final of this 5th edition took place at the French Tech Building in Montpellier.

  6. MeetUp Santé MELIES Business Angels / Crédit Agricole du Languedoc

    Researchers and entrepreneurs in Montpellier boosting health in synergy

    MELIES Business Angels and Crédit Agricole du Languedoc organized a round table on the topic “Innovation and entrepreneurship to boost health in the territory” on November 15, 2018, with 200 people...

  7. L'Hôtel French Tech est situé à Montpellier.

    Montpellier “French Tech Capital”: startups build momentum with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

    Now reaching maturity four years after its certification, the French Tech Montpellier ecosystem is recognized nationally and internationally, thanks to many fine achievements that anchor the territ...

  8. Le fablab montpelliérain LABSud fait le plein de makers

    Montpellier Fab lab LABSud is loaded with makers

    In October, LABSud celebrated its six years in activity and presented its mobile fab lab at the Montpellier International Fair. Now located at the Montpellier Métropole Millénaire Office Center, LA...

  9. Plongée dans l’aventure sous-marine Echo Squad

    Diving into the Echo Squad submarine adventure

    In late October, the Gear Prod studio launched a role-playing concept enhanced with a video game, exploring deep-sea abysses in the life-size submarine Red Squid. With Montpellier BIC assistance, G...

  10. Un tramway nommé startup, 2e édition ©MMM

    Company directors help project leaders get on the right track with “A Streetcar Named Startup”

    For the 2nd edition of this event for startups, a tramway car in French Tech colors crossed Montpellier with 100 project leaders and coaches. A unique initiative in France.