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  1. Ateliers numérique de Google

    Google Digital Workshops in Montpellier, also on YouTube

    Just like every year, you can follow each week’s Google Digital Workshops training sessions on YouTube

  2. La Tournée Entrepreneuriat pour tous de Bpifrance

    A bus named "Entrepreneurship for All"

    Supporting startup entrepreneurs from priority districts targeted by Montpellier city policy. That’s the goal of the “Entrepreneurship for All Bus,” a Bpifrance initiative involving Montpellier Mét...

  3. Un tramway nommé startup, 2e édition ©MMM

    Company directors help project leaders get on the right track with “A Streetcar Named Startup”

    For the 2nd edition of this event for startups, a tramway car in French Tech colors crossed Montpellier with 100 project leaders and coaches. A unique initiative in France.

  4. Le fablab montpelliérain LABSud fait le plein de makers

    Montpellier Fab lab LABSud is loaded with makers

    In October, LABSud celebrated its six years in activity and presented its mobile fab lab at the Montpellier International Fair. Now located at the Montpellier Métropole Millénaire Office Center, LA...

  5. Francis Ingrand, CEO Plug In Digital

    Montpellier video game developer Plug In Digital raises 70 M€

    Plug In Digital, an independent video game publisher and distributor, has raised 70 M€ in Series B funding, now seeking to take its place among the world’s top video game companies through new inve...

  6. Ludovic Perrier (à droite), directeur des opérations de Diota, avec Vincent Thibeaut responsable de production (à gauche). @David Richard

    Diota in the momentum of “Montpellier, Positive Industry”

    Startup Diota, deploying digital solution in the industry, earned its French Tech Pass in 2018. The company creates innovative tools at its Montpellier site. A nice example of “Positive Industry” p...

  7. Teads Engineering Camp

    Diversity in digital: Teads launches its first Engineering Camp

    On June 6-7, 2019, Teads is organizing its first Engineering Camp, dedicating the first edition to women developers.

  8. Tixeo earns France Cybersecurity certification for its secure videoconferencing

    Tixeo was awarded France Cybersecurity certification at the 11th edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum held in Lille, France, on January 22-23, becoming the first videoconferencing solut...

  9. ESII will present its web-to-store solutions at NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show

    Based in Lavérune, just west of Montpellier, ESII will show its new digital and connected solutions for optimizing the retail customer journey and experience at the National Retail Federation’s “Re...

  10. Laure Barbaza dirigeante de la Fabic ©David Crespin

    Fabic offers innovative services for culinary creators

    Laure Barbaza pioneered custom services for culinary creators: kitchen rentals, event organization, project assistance, and an expertise platform. And thus, Fabic was born.