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  1. Un accompagnement labellisé Soft Landings dédié aux entreprises internationales

    Welcoming international companies

    Is your head office outside France, and you’d like to develop your business in French and European markets? Would you like help getting set up? Welcome to Montpellier!

  2. L'offre du BIC comprend la possibilité de s'implanter dans un des 3 sites d'incubation.

    Hosting at startup incubators

    3 startup incubators specifically dedicated to innovative companies.

  3. Photo Une Montpellier Business Plan @creative commons

    Montpellier Business Plan

    Already downloaded by over 55,000 users, the Montpellier Business Plan application helps you create financial forecasts. Link to the application provided below.

  4. En étant accompagné par le BIC de Montpellier, vous bénéficiez d'un coaching individualisé, de programmes d’accélération et de nos réseaux. @sandra rossi

    Our startup assistance programs

    When you get assistance from Montpellier BIC, you benefit from personalized coaching, acceleration programs, and all our networks.

  5. Communication kit of the BIC in Montpellier

  6. Maxime Ros, neurochirurgien au CHU du Montpellier et l'équipe de Revinax @Edouard Hannoteaux)

    Revinax, a world-first at Montpellier CHU

    Revinax assisted surgery using virtual reality at the Montpellier University Hospital Center. The Cap Omega-based startup, founded in 2015, illustrates e-health momentum in the Montpellier Méditerr...

  7. Le Liner à Montpellier

    Moving to Montpellier

    Get ready to enjoy a tradition of welcoming, an exceptional environment, a privileged location in the Mediterranean region, and a quality of life appreciated by many.

  8. Training for creating innovative companies: a new Jump’In Creation session begins in October

    For the past several years, the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) has offered intensive mentoring sessions to give startup projects a boost. Registration is re...

  9. Faciligo: a platform that connects travelers who help each other

    Need help getting around? The Faciligo collaboration-oriented web platform brings people with reduced mobility together with trusted escorts for travel and public transportation. Laureate of the Bi...

  10. Tageos to triple its RFID tag production

    Tageos, a local company, was selected for the French Tech Pass because of its staggering growth. Tageos expects to triple its production of RFID tags at its Montpellier site to meet extremely high ...