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DigixArt Entertainment takes off

Information updated on 26/10/21

Strengthened by joining the German group Koch Media and the success of its latest video game Road 96, the Montpellier studio is getting ready for a new chapter in its history.

DigixArt Entertainment, le décollage @David Maugendre
DigixArt Entertainment is taking things to a higher level. Founded in 2015 in Montpellier by Anne-Laure and Yoan Fanise, the video game studio is changing dimensions following its acquisition by the German group Koch Media, subsidiary of the Swedish giant Embracer.
The operation was finalized slightly before the August 16 release of the studio’s latest video game, its third. Praised by the press, including Le Monde, “Road 96” – a long road trip – has become a huge international success, especially in China.
Available for Nintendo Switch and PC, the adventure is translated into 11 languages, including Mandarin and Cantonese, and is much appreciated by gamers. On Steam, one of the main video game platforms, Road 96 is close to the top with 91% positive reviews.
It has been a successful and busy summer for DigixArt Entertainment, whose team is very satisfied with the strong start for its latest effort.

“We developed the game almost entirely in Montpellier, both for graphics and voice-overs, which were recorded by Anglophone actors at the Audio Workshop studio,” highlight Anne-Laure and Yoan Fanise.

The music was composed by seven artists, including Montpellier’s Alexis Laugier.
The arrival of Koch Media, the distributor Saints Row, and the Oscar-winning film Parasite offers the studio new opportunities.

“Since the group joined Embracer, it has begun focusing on content and wants to develop more,” explains Anne-Laure and Yoan Fanise.

That explains why they acquired DigixArt, whose directors will remain with the company.

“We get to keep our creative freedom and artistic personality, while leveraging the marketing power of Koch Media,” adds the couple.

The result is that DigixArt Entertainment is not just launching one new creation, but two games! The company plans to hire more people and bring its staff to over 50 people within the next few years. Furthermore, Anne-Laure and Yoan Fanise have no intention of leaving Montpellier and its video game ecosystem.

“This ecosystem is really complete. Also, we know we can count on Esma infrastructure whenever we need it,” they say, adding: “Let’s not forget that we clearly got our start in 2015 thanks to the Montpellier BIC startup incubator. We never would have dared without them and their assistance.” One success after another.



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