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Fabre & the City #2: an application that takes you on a cultural walk

Information updated on 23/11/20

Discover the emblematic monuments from Montpellier’s medical and pharmaceutical history!

Fabre & the city #2 : une application pour une promenade culturelle
The Fabre museum has developed a geolocalized discovery application to learn about the history of medicine in Montpellier. Created for the 800th anniversary of the city’s Faculty of Medicine, the application provides an animated presentation of the emblematic sites and monuments in Montpellier’s medical and pharmaceutical history. This fun discovery tour takes you along scenario-based itineraries for a cultural walk, a shared moment with the family, or a game experience with friends.

The most famous local figures – Arnaud de Villeuneuve, Rabelais, Lapeyronie – become your guides across the main periods of history.

Three itineraries are available to satisfy as many people as possible and meet different needs:

  • A free itinerary without following any particular sequence, enabling users to discover sites according to their desires and wandering.
  • A treasure hunt for families with children under 10 years old: a fun and dynamic moment for learning to be shared.
  • An escape game treasure hunt for adventure fans: a custom game itinerary mainly designed for young players from Montpellier.
A great opportunity to (re)discover the city through a new game experience. A cultural stroll to enjoy with family and friends, available for free download from mobile app stores.

The application was designed by the Fabre museum and Faculty of Medicine with the Les Fées Spéciales, a startup animation studio assisted by Montpellier BIC, and Atlantide, and the Manoir du Crime association.

Fabre & the City #2 : L'art et la médecine en 15 lieux à Montpellier

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