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  1. A La Mosson, Context’Art donne des ailes aux créatifs @David Richard

    Context’Art gives creators a boost in La Mosson

    For the past year, the Context’Art association has assisted creators seeking to develop their business activity in Montpellier’s priority neighborhoods. The incubator audits and trains creators and...

  2. Karim Khenissi, le créateur du réseau Icônes.  © PHOTOBIM – Dominique Quet

    Karim Khenissi, a heart set on training

    Karim Khenissi is one of the pillars of the Creative City. He oversees the Icônes network, which is setting up four schools on the campus. This is the fruit of continued deployment for ICC training...

  3. La Halle Tropisme en action @david richard

    Métropolisme Festival: making the city of tomorrow smart and welcoming

    From late September to mid-October, the Métropolisme Festival at Tropisme Hall examined issues and technologies for the smart city of tomorrow. Here are some high points from the event in Montpell...

  4. Cultural entrepreneurs in the digital era: 5 weeks to launch your project

    Are you developing a cultural, creative, or digital project? Adapted for today’s new professional practices in the cultural sector, this training course is here to help you!

  5. Jordi Castellano, Anne-Charlotte Eriau et Vincent Cavaroc © PHOTOBIM - Dominique Quet

    Illusion & Macadam, a service center for cultural and creative players

    Setting up in Montpellier’s Creative City was a great opportunity for Illusion & Macadam. Reaching from Lyon to Toulouse, the Montpellier based cooperative can fully assume its role regionally.

  6. creative city

    Creative city

    The Creative City will open in downtown Montpellier in 2019. The complex was designated by the Paris Real Estate Summit as 2017’s “best project for territorial attractiveness".

  7. Halle Tropisme

    In Efecto heads into the ICC arena

    Montpellier’s Creative City is getting ready to welcome its first companies and startups this winter in the Tropisme Halle facility at the former infantry school site.

  8. Ob’Art 2018

  9. Montpellier’s Ecussion area in lights

  10. Marché du Lez market going strong!