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  1. Hind Emad, vice-présidente déléguée au développement économique et numérique

    Med Vallée, accelerating innovation

    With the goal of transforming Montpellier into a world-class center for health, Med Vallée seeks to promote innovation through cross-fertilization. Here’s a summary of the December 13 meeting held ...

  2. Le projet MedVallée de Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

    Med Vallée: A meeting for excellence sectors

    On December 13, 2021, join us for the first meeting of Med Vallée excellence sectors and discover competitiveness clusters, MUSE I-SITE, and examples of cross-fertilization on health, agroecology/f...

  3. Simi 2021

    Come meet us at the SIMI professional real estate event

    SIMI, the event for professional real estate, will be held December 8-10, 2021, in Paris. Montpellier Métropole and the SERM-SA3M group will be delighted to welcome you there to present urban proje...

  4. Claude Grison, la directrice de ChimEco et directrice scientifique de Bioinspir© Maugendre David

    Bioinspir, scientific rigor to create natural and organic treatments

    Bioinspir observes the living to take inspiration from their ability to heal.

  5. Futurapolis Santé 2021

    Med Vallée in the spotlight at Futurapolis Health event

    An initiative of Montpellier Métropole, Med Vallée seeks to create a world-class cluster to focus on health, food, and the environment. Med Vallée was presented at the opening of the Futurapolis He...

  6. DigiWorld Summit 2021 in Montpellier

    DigiWorld Summit 2021 kicks off on November 23 & 24 at Montpellier’s Cité de l’Économie et des Métiers de Demain and with live streaming.

  7. Extracteur du CHU - Christophe Bonnel et Anne Richard Verchere

    Montpellier CHU innovation extractor reveals some real gems

    This tool is designed to turn good ideas by hospital staff into reality. Supported by Montpellier Métropole since the outset, it has already led to three startups now assisted by Montpellier BIC. H...

  8. Med Vallée presentation for economic stakeholders

    This Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole project was presented on September 16 in the presence of its main partners, the French government, Occitanie Region and other economic stakeholders in the te...

  9. Marc Ychou, directeur général de l’Institut du Cancer de Montpellier et directeur du SIRIC Montpellier Cancer©@lemasmedia

    SIRIC Montpellier Cancer, a cornerstone of Montpellier’s Med Valley

    The integrated cancer research site is preparing to set up an oncology transfer and innovation center, illustrating the momentum it is building. Here is a presentation of this rising star.

  10. Nicolas et Youri Saint Lo - XFeet-Orthotics - 3M ©Maugendre David

    XFeet-Orthotics jumps feet-first into the 3D orthopedic insole market

    With their mother a dancer at the Paris Opera, how could they not be aware of mechanical problems in people’s feet?